3D Imaging

Cone Beam CT Scan

An image of a CS 9300 scanning system

Loeffler-Pitt Dental Associates has always been on the top of the technology curve in the Diagnosis and Treatment of a wide variety of dental conditions.  Our newest advancement is our “Green” 3D CBCT Scan unit from VaTech North America, which allows us to accurately image a patient in 5.9 seconds. This ultra low dose exposure now gives us very advanced images in both 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional formats.  The clarity and resolution of these images is an unbelievable improvement over conventional digital radiography. 

The following is a partial list of a few of the diagnostic options we now have available to aid in the complex diagnostic challenges we face with today’s dental patients:

  • Extremely detailed two dimensional standard format Panoramic x-ray. These images are so clear that we can now better diagnose pathology and decay between  the teeth than we could with older technology.  
  • Three dimensional assessment of both jaws, the TMJ (jaw joints), sinus areas, the airway space and even the carotid artery areas.
  • Isolation of one or more teeth to look for infections and cracks.
  • For patients who suffer from a hyperactive gag reflex, this unit enables us to take cavity checking x-rays “outside of the mouth”, with extreme detail.
  • Multiple formats to look for hidden infections and cysts which can be challenging in conventional radiography.

With reduced exposure in both time and intensity and the dramatic increase in the clarity of the image, we are excited to show you the new technology when you are in the office. If you have a diagnostic challenge or an issue that has not been resolved elsewhere, schedule an examination for problem solving with the Doctors and the team at Loeffler-Pitt Dental Associates.