Denture Exams & Maintenance

A Denture sitting on top of paper forms

Your dentures are an investment and require care and attention to maintain their optimum performance. The fit of your dentures will have a profound affect on your oral tissues and health. An annual examination by Dr. Loeffler, Dr. Pitt or Dr. Stephens will help ensure your denture is fitting and functioning properly.

Medical and Dental History Update

Always bring a list of your current medications to your appointment and please inform our clinical team about any significant changes in your health, recent surgeries, hospitalizations and new diagnoses.  Your  systemic health can be directly related to your oral health and good overall health is critical in maintaining your oral health. A variety of medical and dental conditions, as well as side effects from prescription medications can alter the fit and comfort of a denture. 

Annual Oral Exam

Even if you no longer have your natural teeth, it is important to see a dentist for an oral exam. Annual examinations can assist in detecting oral abnormalities including pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions. Early detection of these conditions can be beneficial for treatment and long term prognosis. 

Tissue and Bone Assessment

Ill-fitting dentures may cause changes to the tissues and shape of the bone and need to be corrected for your oral health. Dr. Loeffler, Dr. Pitt and Dr. Stephens can assess any problems and recommend solutions that will fit your personal needs.

Comfort, Fit, and Integrity of Dentures

Bite problems, difficulty with speech and eating, and irritation to the gum tissue are all problems that can arise from an ill-fitting denture but they can and should be remedied. Leaving these conditions unresolved can lead to more problems in the future. Dr. Loeffler, Dr. Pitt ad Dr. Stephens can assess your denture and find a solution for cracks, chips, and broken or loose teeth.

Denture Exam Overview

  • Update of medical and dental history chart
  • An examination of your oral cavity
  • Tissue and bone assessment
  • Denture stability and bite examination
  • Cleaning and polishing of your denture
  • Oral hygiene review